The work we fund

Case studies
Here are some examples of the vital funding we give:

Two young boys who are living in temporary, one bedroom and communal bathroom accommodation who are also carers for their mother. They are now able to attend football sessions at an after school activity, this allows them some space to participate in games. There is no space at home for a release of energy. All they needed for this opportunity was £165. We shall try to go on supporting them if appropriate. Thank you all of you who support the fund, every little helps.

A young girl, N, father in prison, has low self-esteem, excluded from school.  Mother very supportive but unfortunately became unemployed, The Sunny Fund gave a support grant, so N could attend performing arts group, which is helping in so many ways.

The Sunny Fund funded a holiday for mother and child, the family had been through a very difficult bereavement, loss of father and grandmother, child started having difficulties at school.  The holiday was to connect with family living outside UK.

The Sunny Fund gave a support grant to young person, T, who was in the care of his grandparents, following abuse in the family.  Grandmother recently died.  Support grant to enable T to attend a young person’s centre where he can participate in evening, weekend activities and holiday outings.

Young person, L, carer for mother with chronic physical illness.  Violence in the home from an older sibling.  School recognised talent at performing arts, the Sunny Fund gave a support grant to attend a Saturday group.

Our most recent support grant for siblings H and B to attend martial arts classes. There are no positive role models at home and there is a strong potential to become involved in gangs because of older siblings. The response to the class and teacher has been strong and positive. The teacher is dedicated to the children and helping them to develop discipline and giving them structure. 

All these referrals  come from recognised agencies who understand our criteria
which means we do not do our own individual assessments and therefore do not
do face to face work.

January:  £600 to Peckham Theatre to enable 5 boys to complete an accredited course with the theatre.

March: £1,000 to Amberleigh Drumming Group to support them in their Saterday groups.

April: A repeat £1,000 to Amberleigh (in past years we have given them a payment of
£3,500 at the start of the year to help them plan their work.

June:  £270 for two bikes, helmets and locks to two young people referred by Chance UK.
£144 for school uniform – a referral from Chance UK.

July:  £215 for a young boy to attend Technical Acting and Youth Theatre Cleass with Theatre Peckham.

August:  Referral from Chance UK – £243 for a very young boy, who needed a weighted blanket and calming sensory clothing – for therapeutic reasons.

September:  £1,000 to Amberliegh drumming and dance group, following a performance at The Curved Garden.

October:  £315 – a young girl referred from Chance UK to have ice skating lessons.


Testimonials from groups we have funded:

The Sunny Fund are an indispensable resource for Chance UK. The children we work with often experience complex trauma and have emotional and behavioural difficulties as a result. The Sunny Fund provides opportunities for these children to pursue an extra-curricular activity which they would not otherwise be able to do. In the past, Sunny Fund have supplied bikes (including the necessary safety equipment) and funding for Ice-Skating lessons . Not only do these activities provide respite for the children, but it means they can also gain skills and therefore confidence. Alongside the mentoring that Chance UK provide, this renewed confidence translates into improved relationships with peers, their families and teachers. Thank you Sunny Fund – we really appreciate it!!

Romney Resource Centre Kent – Gary Lamb Youth Councillor

I would like to thank the Sunny Fund for the opportunity to counsel vulnerable young people at Romney Resource Centre. Often private counselling is only received by those who can afford it, which can sadly marginalise those who are most in need. But with the generous support of Sunny Fund, I have been able to provide one-to-one counselling for some young people considered to be at the bottom of the financial pecking order; youngsters whose lives have been damaged by tragic and hopeless circumstances, and whose families simply cannot afford the support they desperately need.

I have seen young people who have been written off by society begin to thrive at Romney Resource Centre, thanks to the commitment and support of a professional and caring team. My counselling forms a small part of this team; and I am so grateful to be a part of their healing process. Young people come to me in dire straights; some from broken families and others with hugely challenging personal lives. I offer a genuine listening ear, and a steady weekly presence to help them begin to rebuild their lives.

I choose to believe in each young person, because I know from my own past that to have someone to believe in you can make the difference to a shattered self-esteem. I have seen a number of young clients turn a corner and move slowly but surely from a place of, “I can’t do life”, to “I can get an education” and, “I can make a difference in the world”.

These youngsters are a true inspiration to me, and it’s thanks to the generous and faithful donations from Sunny Fund that they can lift their heads high and try their damned best shot at life.
Your support is truly changing young lives.


Feedback from the Amberliegh Summer Arts Scheme
A summary of the work carried out
We delivered a 4 week summer arts scheme consisting of structured activities including African drumming & dance, drama, steel pan and cooking workshops to children and young people (C&YP) of all abilities/disabilities aged between 8 and 14yrs. Other activities included arts & crafts, outdoor activities as well as variable day trips. The scheme was held at The Chestnuts Community Centre in Highbury, which was easily accessible to the local residents. Places were limited and we delivered the summer scheme project for up to 20 C&P. We had 8 volunteer workers some of who were young people that have been members of Amberliegh for many years.

We have been fortunate to be able to deliver a summer scheme program every summer for the past 6 years. It is important for us to be able to deliver this programme as it is particularly beneficial to C&YP from disadvantaged backgrounds where lack of finance does not dictate whether they are able to attend a full time summer scheme.

For the C&YP who would otherwise not be able to afford a mainstream playscheme, this gave them the opportunity to participate in the regular activities and day trips offered by the scheme.

This project differed from most mainstream summer playschemes in that is was structured and the C&YP were given opportunities to develop their self esteem and confidence through music and dance. We delivered this project to provide access to activities which were organised and productive. We wanted to show the C&YP that whatever their backgrounds, culture or ability, they were free to express themselves, learn, socialise and ultimately believe in themselves.

The children were encouraged to write a daily diary of their activities and time during the playscheme which was also used to identify positive feedback as well as any underlying issues.

Photographs and video footage were taken during the workshops, creative activities and day trips.

The difference the summer scheme made
One of the most important differences the scheme provided was to allow the children to form bonds and closer relationships. The aim of the summer scheme was to ensure that both the children and the helpers enjoyed their experience, learned or developed their social and leadership skills as well as forming new friendships and develop current friendships. The project was very successful and has improved over the years due to useful feedback we receive. The children were always happy and enjoyed all the activities and day trips that was offered.